Sixth Form

Director of Learning

Mr Chris Davies:

Mrs Ceri Huws (Assistant Dol):

Wellbeing & Behaviour Manager 

Ms Caroline Byett:

“Aspirations are usually limited, or liberated, by expectations; people will usually do what we expect of them.  As such, we need to make sure that we expect great things of our students and enable them to achieve these things”  

Mr C Davies, Head of Sixth Form


We are very proud of our students’ achievements and the fact that our A level outcomes have, for the last three years, put our Sixth Form in the top 25% of schools in the UK.   We believe that equity, wellbeing and excellence are the cornerstones of a quality education and try to live by these core values in all that we do:

Above all else, Sixth Form should be a happy time where you grow from dependence on the supports necessary in childhood to the independence required in adulthood. We look forward to helping you find out who you are, where your talents lie and how to craft a successful future for yourself in an ever-changing world.  

Whilst we are proud of our track record of sending around two thirds of our students to University, many to Russell Group, we are just as proud of those who choose to start their own businesses, enter the world of work or embark on an apprenticeship.  We try to make sure that all destinations after Sixth Form are valued equally, whilst always encouraging students to have the very highest aspirations.  Through our close working relationship with Careers Wales, our use of products like ‘Unifrog’ and because of the extensive experience of the Sixth Form team we have every confidence that with us you will get to know yourself and your talents well and how to apply them in the world when you leave us.

Growing independence through providing leadership opportunities is important to us.  Through joining one of our ten student committees you will have the chance to make a significant contribution to school improvement and grow your skills of communication and project management.  We expect you to be active citizens at our school, making a wider contribution to school life through volunteering and representing us in all parts of school life.  

Our ambition is that the Sixth Form becomes a centre of excellence in the region where students can be sure that, because of our high expectations, our broad curriculum and outstanding pastoral support that they will go on to achieve extraordinary things.

We hold termly parent / carer forums on topics chosen by attendees in order that we can make sure that parental / carer perspectives play a part in our development.


You will find life as a Sixth Former to be a time of transition from childhood to adulthood.  In many ways, we will treat you like professionals in a working environment and, accordingly, we will expect you to maintain the high standards of someone in a professional environment.  

The Sixth Form is open from 8:00am to 4:30pm each day to allow you the chance to get ahead with school work and private study.  We provide facilities for making hot drinks, arrange provision of snacks and fruit, and encourage you to maintain a good work-life balance by getting as much work done in school as possible, rather than taking lots of work home. 

You will arrive at tutor time from 8:40am for an 8:50am start and spend 25 minutes a day with your form tutor.  You will be introduced to ‘Unifrog’ and ‘Net Sixth Form’ as packages that can provide you with the skills and experience to succeed in the Sixth Form and you will also have weekly assemblies on important topics to prepare you for life as an adult.  Your tutor will regularly review your progress with you and be your main point of contact at school. 

You will study 3 or 4 A Levels (most choose 3) and the Welsh Baccalaureate.  

When you’re not in lessons you will have a combination of ‘Silent Study’ lessons (60% of non contact time) in EF15, ‘Super-Curricular’ lessons (20% of non-contact time)  where you can do volunteering, work experience, sport or preparation for university / apprenticeship applications and ‘Free’ time (20% of non-contact time) where you will be allowed to sign out.

Provided there are no concerns about your progress, attendance and achievement you will also be allowed to sign out at lunchtimes.

Although your lessons will finish at 3:00pm many students stay daily until 4:30pm knowing then that they will very rarely need to then work late into the night at home, when they could be doing things that promote good physical and mental wellbeing.   

In brief, our Sixth Form encourages hard work and dedication whilst giving you the opportunity to develop some independence and the ability to self regulate too.


As a Sixth Form Student at Ysgol John Bright you will be offered plenty of opportunities to extend your knowledge beyond the classroom to supplement your learning, whilst at the same time helping you to broaden personal and social development. We ensure we develop real, individual students and our enrichment programme covers a huge range of activities, in and out of school and internationally.

You can participate in visits to exciting residentials where you have the chance to experience new aspects of the subject, as well as having a great time. There is also a very extensive enrichment programme which includes sports, recreational activities, work experience, Duke of Edinburgh and one-off events. We also offer great opportunities to travel overseas and students have recently enjoyed amazing experiences on visits to the US, Switzerland, Lanzarote and France to name but a few.

As part of their sixth form experience students have the opportunity to give something back to the local community. They may participate in voluntary work, charity work and fundraising for good causes.

Sixth Formers have the opportunity to join the Student Leadership Team which is so popular interviews take place every year. They also mentor younger students with reading schemes and YJB’s SPY team where they help students to become more confident.